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Sat Jan 12 06:19:09 CET 2008

>will output binary data in the form of lists of byte-values.

so this may be a misunderstanding. I am writing my own server that
intercepts the OCS events, that all works. what I am trying to figure out is
if i wanted to send out messages to net client for instance a string that
was something like id 56; x 200; y 300; rot 0.923;  what would I need to do
to parse the  netclient result.

I have tried [route x]-----[unpack  $1] but that doesnt seem to work, but
when i print the message using [print client1] it prints it just fine.

agent engram

On Jan 9, 2008 12:35 AM, IOhannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.at> wrote:

> Agent Engram wrote:
> > so this thread is kindof a good place to ask a question. I have a
> > working pd client but I am tring to parse out results from my object
> > server, needed to manage the OCS data coming from my TUIO server.
> since TUIO really just builds on top of OSC (it took me some time to
> understand that you really mean "OSC" when you write "OCS"; there are so
> many abbreviations and acronyms out there that you have to be
> careful,...), why don't you just use OSC-objects?
> there is this nice set of externals from mrpeach:
> net/: a collection of objects allowing you to open UDP or TCP/IP ports
> as client or server
> osc/: a collection of objects that parse the output (or input resp.) of
> the net/-objects as OSC-messages understandable by Pd.
> afaik they are part of pd-extended.
> if you are not using pd-extended, get them from ./externals/mrpeach/net
> and ./externals/mrpeach/osc (both in the pd-repository at sourceforge)
> >
> > here is my client patch....
> >
> > http://www.newobjectivity.com/downloads/pd/tuio_netclient2.gif
> hmm, this is not really a patch, this is an image :-)
> since Pd patches are usually very small text-files, it often makes sense
> to send the patches themselves instead of screenshots of them.
> >
> > it seems the data is coming from the server ok...
> afaik, [netclient] (as well as mrpeach/net's [udpreceive]/[tcpreceive])
> will output binary data in the form of lists of byte-values.
> you will have to parse them to make sense.
> otoh, your output does not seem to be binary-data in form of byte-lists.
> it seems to be binary data interpreted as pd-messages.
> OSC is a binary protocol.
> fmgsdr.
> IOhannes

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