[PD] Using GEM for a music visualizer

Ross Mulcahy ross.mulcahy at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 05:04:59 CET 2008

Hey all,

I am trying to use GEM (on OSX), in particular pix_kaleidoscope, to 
manipulate an image in real time based on a wav file currently playing 
from an array. It is meant to be a very basic visualizer which needs to 
be "wound up", i.e. periodically the music runs out like a wind up music 
box and the user must rotate the mouse around the screen and click the 
screen for the visualizer to continue!

OK now here is the problem when i call pix_kaleidoscope and it starts 
manipulating the image it starts using up 50% of my processor and the 
music gets all jumpy and the image changes are not smooth at all. Is 
there a way around this or a simpler, less processor hungry, method of 
manipulating the image for the same visual effect?

I have uploaded my patch to the following address for your perusal:


If anyone could lend me their experience here it would be much appreciated.



By the way I only started using PD in November so my knowledge is limited!

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