[PD] Introduction to GEM & particles

PSPunch shima at pspunch.com
Sun Jan 13 06:48:10 CET 2008


For a Pd workshop held in my town yesterday, I did a little presentation
on basic concepts using GEM.

It is focuses pretty much on getting an overview and expects the reader
to do their own additional research to achieve anything practical.

However, I have decided to post part of the material here as I thought
the attached list of 'domains' and arguments they accept may be useful
for ones just getting started with particles.


I hope it is of use for someone.

BTW, the gathering is held in Osaka, Japan and is expected to continue
as a monthly activity. Yesterday we also had Shigeyuki Hirai who ported
GEM to Max/MSP show us some interesting work of his.

As far as I know, this gathering is announced only on "mixi" which is a
domestic SNS and some personal blogs.

If any one is interested in attending, or is looking for a place to meet
fellows and show their work while on tour, please do contact me.

David Shimamoto

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