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On Sun Jan 13, 2008 at 12:35:38PM +0100, David Schaffer wrote:
> A little poll:
> -According to you, what is THE feature/fonction/object that Pd misses the most? 

uniformity in implementation allowing reuse and clean abstraction across the levels. with blackbox objects written in C, orthogonal languages in [expr], [pyext] and similar, subgraphs of C objects in the visual patcher, you cant mix and match pieces, using a subpatch as a function in a script, etc. you could if the visual patcher was just a visual 'surface syntax' to haskell/ocaml/ml instead of a roughshod hodgepodge of stuff written in diff langs at the varying levels of abstraction without even a unifying type system allowing clean composabilility..

that, and the complete lack of control over execution modes (Depth-first being the only option). and the imo 'leakage' of the implementation by requiring users to cable things a certain way to even get the exiexisting execution ordering right (ie, usage of [t] and filling up function arguments before finally caling it - this is way too low level, not to mention unnecessary, especially for artists and people who wouldnt consider themselves programmers. its akin to going back to ASM and dumb registers on a chip, really.

but don't take my word for it:




> -What Pd feature/fonction/object causes you the most problems?

crashing, lack of proper 64 bit support, lack of polyphony (this is tied up with the clean encapsulation problem, but also the poor multithreading of the kernel wrt background graph-sorting, etc. 

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