[PD] PD Server

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sun Jan 13 16:18:50 CET 2008

Agent Engram wrote:
>> will output binary data in the form of lists of byte-values.
> so this may be a misunderstanding. I am writing my own server that
> intercepts the OCS events, that all works. what I am trying to figure out is

since you keep calling it OCS, i guess my assumption that you mean OSC 
(Open Sound Control) is wrong.
could you please tell me what OCS is is?

> if i wanted to send out messages to net client for instance a string that
> was something like id 56; x 200; y 300; rot 0.923;  what would I need to do
> to parse the  netclient result.
> I have tried [route x]-----[unpack  $1] but that doesnt seem to work, but
> when i print the message using [print client1] it prints it just fine.

might be a problem with the parsing of your string.
when you send a message to Pd (e.g. [netreceive]), it will parse the 
string received and try to interpret it as a pd-message.
e.g. the string "id 56" will be split into a symbol-atom "id" and a 
number "56".

if your string is somehow "weird" (e.g. because you send "56,4" instead 
of "56.4") Pd's built-in parser might parse the string in an unexpected 
way. (e.g. "56,4" will become a symbol "56,4"!)

[netclient] is an external, probably it uses some broken parser.

2 suggestions:
- if you really mean OSC intead of OCS, then try sending OSC data to Pd 
from your server, if that is feasible.
- if you don't need a bidirectional connection between your server and 
Pd but are happy with a unidirectional one, use [netreceive] instead; 
this object is built-into Pd and certainly better tested.


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