[PD] adding externals to search path

Damian Stewart damian at frey.co.nz
Sun Jan 13 18:48:38 CET 2008

what is the 'correct' way to add new directories to the 
external/abstraction search path?

on my own system (OSX) i use a .pdrc file, with vanilla pd 0.40, and just 
add new externals to my .pdrc as i need them.

but when i'm helping out a newbie who's just downloaded Pd-extended and who 
wants to use a whizz bang patch set that's not included in Pd-extended, i 
don't know what advice to give them about how to properly install their new 
whizz bang patch set.

i notice that the Pd GUI seems to have a Path dialog (on OSX: 
Pd->Preferences->Path...) but it doesn't seem to be big enough to hold 
everything (only 10 slots and no scroll bars). also, if you have 30 paths 
in your .pdrc, and then go and click 'save all settings' in this Path 
dialog, what happens to the rest of your paths seems to be undefined...

on Windows paths seem to be stored via the Registry, but (from memory) if 
you have a .pdrc file somewhere, this overrides what's in the registry.

any tips appreciated
damian stewart | +351 967 797 263 | damian at frey.co.nz
frey | live art with machines | http://www.frey.co.nz

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