[PD] problems with pdmtlabs

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sorry for double post, I forgot to edit the subject.


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> > Here is what I miss:
> > catch13~, destroysend, folderpanel and getdollarzero.
> destroysend, folderpanel and getdollarzero = tof
> try to add "tof" to default.pdsettings (-lib)

I need to compile them first, they are not included in stable pd-extended.

> *** hans
> would it be possible to add tof to default.pdsettings in the autobuild? so
> the next stable release of pd-extended will include those externals.
> catch13~ is in external/ext13 - it should be included in pd-extended.
> pat

Yes, but many of the ext13 externals are not created and dont work,
only some do and catch13~ is not between them.
Should I send a bug report?


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