[PD] netpd on pd-extended

Enrique Erne enrique at netpd.org
Wed Jan 16 13:40:53 CET 2008

Max Neupert wrote:
> it would be nice to have netpd (_chat.pd) starting from the pd- 
> extended menue!
> but i guess there are some security issues.
> m.

hi max

accessing netpd's _chat.pd through the menu would be a nice feature.

i don't know if a connected [netclient] is already a security issue, but 
  as soon as one starts [creator], others are able to upload&open 
patches (any ascii files) on all creators. so i'd suggest to disable the 
shell external and eventually run netpd on it's own user.
you shouldn't keep the original of your patches in netpd/patches and 
netpd/abs, but we all do anyway. a little backup sometimes couldn't hurt 


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