[PD] PD into web?

lluisgomez at hangar.org lluisgomez at hangar.org
Thu Jan 17 15:45:49 CET 2008

i have some documentation about interfacing Pd on the web, its really  
outdatted but maybe it will introduce you a little bit on this topic,  
using phpOSC+javascript+PD ... now with AJAX it's possible to improve  
a lot this way ...



another thing we where testing for some time with yves was using  
patches with streaming objects in serverside. (pd installed in the  
server and running with the -nogui option)

i mean using pdp_thenoice~ or shoutcast~ or Mp3cast~ to stream  
audio/video to an icecast server ...

and using OSC to change/interact with the streamed output ...

hope this can help ...

(aldo i know some people in this list doing things like this using  
flash or others but i dons remember exactly now, try the list archives)

S'està citant raul diaz <raul.lete at gmail.com>:

> Hi list!
> I would like to know your opinion about the posibilities of using PD into
> web.
> I love the posibilies of using PD with another languages (as Processing)
> with OSC, but I can't carry that into web.
> Maybe that's because I don't know too much about server languages (I'm
> starting learning PHP),  but I don't really know the possibilities of use PD
> in web.
> Is it possible to run a PD archive (or a PD.bat) from server (where PD is
> installed) and show the PD output into our web?
> I remember there was an external by Gunter Geiger related with that...am I
> wrong?
> So, I'm looking forward to read your opinions about how can we improved
> audio tratment on web with PD
> Saludos!
> --
> Raul Diaz Poblete
> *************************
> raul.lete at gmail.com
> Barcelona [Spain]

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