[PD] Pd on Athlon64

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Fri Jan 18 08:24:43 CET 2008


i am still including the pd-list, i hope this is ok for you.

Andy Farnell wrote:
> Thankyou Iohannes, this pretty well gives me the confidence to go
> ahead and upgrade through Athlon. The fact that you (and presumably
> others in dev) are working towards double arithmetic precision is
> very encouraging (I'm pushing the limits on some models now and
> noticing noise and artifacts at extreme cases)

probably some more things to note:
the double precision stuff is not directly related to amd64: it should 
work as well on powerpc and i386.

while i don't have problems with amd64 and Pd, there are other programs 
that don't fully work: in CM the most noteably is SuperCollider3, where 
i haven't been able to get the language-part running on 64bit the last 
time i tried; i hardly ever use SC3, so that it not a big deal (but 
then: probably i hardly ever use SC3 because it doesn't work on amd64)

and just a generic advice: even though i am happy with the amd64, 
probably somebody else should have their say too. chances are high that 
i only have a very narrow view...


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