[PD] playlist for pc

Timmy tim at dirtyhandbag.com
Fri Jan 18 13:06:18 CET 2008

ah :)

xp im afraid... :(

its strange, i have a few patches that i've used
that have the playlist object in them, the patches
still work but the playlist object looks like its
not created... strange..

timmy x


a man's life goes some ways
the way his life will be

Georg Holzmann wrote:
> Hallo!
>> im a pc user trying to use the playlist object, but
>> it doesn't seem to want to be created..  it works
>> on my mates mac, but no go on the pc.. is it just
>> a mac external ?? any ideas would be super!
> pc or not - what is your OS ;) ?
> On linux that's no problem - don't know for windows ...
> LG
> Georg
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