[PD] Subject: can't see objects Pd-0.40.3-extended-20071230-windowsxp-i386.exe

Patrice Colet pat at mamalala.org
Fri Jan 18 17:48:35 CET 2008

Hans-Christoph Steiner a écrit :
> On Jan 3, 2008, at 8:16 PM, Martin Peach wrote:
>> Patrice Colet wrote:
>>> Martin Peach a écrit :
>>>> Martin Peach wrote:
>>>>>     can't read "box_outline": no such variable
>>>>>     can't read "msg_nlet": no such variable
>>>>>     can't read "msg_nlet": no such variable
>>>>>     can't read "msg_nlet": no such variable
>>>>>     can't read "text_color": no such variable
>>>>>     can't read "cursor_runmode_nothing": no such variable
>>>> I checked it on linux and it seems the only difference between the
>>>> windows and linux versions is that the variables that are set in
>>>> pd.tk and referenced from pd via sys_vgui() aren't being found, so
>>>> nothing gets drawn on the canvas.
>>>> Martin
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>>>  Hello, you just rock, can I ask which debbuger you use on win32?
>> I just opened a cygwin terminal, navigated to the Program\ Files/pd/bin
>> directory and typed
>> ./pd > pd.txt
>> so the stdout output went to pd.txt, If you just type ./pd the stdout
>> text doesn't appear anywhere, I guess that's another bug.
>> Also, running ./pd -d1 to get the gui traffic only works if it's done
>> from a .bat file, and then it prints to the terminal window, not the log
>> file (because it's going to stderr instead of stdout).
>> You can also add puts statements to pd.tk to get some idea of what's
>> going on in there.
>> The difficult bit now is figuring out how to send tcl commands through
>> sysvgui in pd to find out what namespace pdtcl thinks it's is in,
>> without recompiling pd.
>> Martin
> Did you try running pd.com?  It launches Pd with a cmd.exe shell, so you 
> can read stdout.
> .hc
No, I didn't, it shows indeed stdout, and also work in cygwin shell.
  For the moment I didn't find out how to install correctly pd in 
cygwin,  (my goal is about running in xserver), so "./pd > pd.txt" 
doesn't load PureData correctly, pdtcl.dll couldn't be loaded by pd.tk 
script. I tried "pd.com > pd.txt", it displays stdout but doesn't write 
in text file.

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