[PD] Pd 0.39.3-extended on Intel Mac OSX 10.5.1

nils nils at c60.ca
Fri Jan 18 18:38:14 CET 2008

  I cannot get Pd 0.39.3-extended to work on my Intel Mac running OSX 
10.5.1.  It starts up and everything appears to load, but as soon as I 
try to click on any menu, File/Help/....  It crashes.  I've been able to 
run the nightly CVS builds, specifically 122807 and 011108.  
Unfortunately they seem to be having some problems with some of the 
pdmtl patches specifically xsample -> xgroove~ even when I explicitly 
tell it the namespace [xsample/xgroove~]

Any help would be great.

         Nils Sundstrom

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