[PD] Memento, OSC-route & Pd 0.40.3-extended

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Jan 18 19:14:10 CET 2008

Si Mills hat gesagt: // Si Mills wrote:

> Has something changed with OSCX or Memento since 0.39.3 extended?
> I was going through the Memento manual/5-Tut and in 0.40.3-extended I  
> keep getting:
>  "OSC-route: invalid message pattern aFloat does not begin with /"  
> errors.
> "OSC-route: invalid message pattern aSymbol does not begin with /"
> etc.

These errors are okay: The first examples of the tutorials use "wrong"
tags that don't start with a "/", so OSC correctly gives this error
and OSC support in Memento will not work. (Maybe I should change the tutorials...)

OSC in this tutorials is only introduced in the final tutorial lesson,
which should not give this error.

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