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Marko Timlin susi at timlin.de
Sat Jan 19 11:03:41 CET 2008

Thanks for the kind responses to my question.

Hi Matt,
thanks for your instructions they have been highly useful.
But it is really wired!!!
I discovered that I actually already had:
loadlib 14     REG_SZ    oscx
loadlib 31     REG_SZ   deprecated
nevertheless I cannot create osc objects without importing [import oscx] beforehand. And I cannot create [range] although it is in the deprecated lib.
Path I have only one at the moment:
path 1    REG_EXPAND_SZ    %SystemRoot%/Fonts
Really strange, any ideas?


If you're brave enough to mess with the registry, 
-go to "Run" in your start menu for Windoze, type regedit in the box and hit OK.
- Then go to "My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Pd" in the folder tree on the left.
- If you look in the window to the right, you'll notice that the "loadlib#" entries and "path#" entries are what libs and paths are currently set up.  See if your folders and libraries are listed.  
If you want to add any libs or paths, 
- Look for the highest numbered loadlib#, 
- right click anywhere except for on the name of the registry entry, and 
- add a sequential loadlib entry (if the highest is "loadlib10" then the first one to add is "loadlib11").  
- You can then double click on the name that you just added and enter the lib name in the Value data section and hit OK.  Don't edit Binary Data, unless you speak Binary fluently.
- Do the same for adding a path.  Follow the format that is there, with / instead of the \ that you normally see in the Explorer address window.  
- Add as many libs and paths as you like.
- When you are done, look for the "npath" and "nloadlib" and change the number to reflect how ever many paths or libs you have now, so that the registry will send all of your entries.  Otherwise it will cut short.
- Go to "File" and hit "Export" to save your new registry.  Save as something different from the pd-settings registry file already there, so that you don't overwrite it.  Then close the registry.
- Start pd and see if it worked.  It should, if you didn't mess with anything else.
I hope this isn't confusing.  


On 1/18/08, Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans at eds.org> wrote:
[range] was just a copy of maxlib's [scale] with the name changed.  I
did it a long time ago to deal with the name clash with Gem's scale.
Now you can do [maxlib/scale] so it's unneeded, so I stuck it into

I should have documented it.  I think that we should figure out a
good mechanism for deprecation and use it.  There is a lot of old
kludges that should be deprecated.

On my install of Pd-0.39.3-extended on Windows, range is showing up
in flatspace also.  Plus the 'oscx' and 'deprecated' libs are loaded
by default.  It sounds like the settings aren't setup.  Try running
pd-settings.reg again.


On Jan 18, 2008, at 5:26 AM, Roman Haefeli wrote:

> hans
> i just found an 'original' version of maxlib (from olafs site from
> 2005)
> and it this time, [range] wasn't part of it.
> sorry for accusing you to (re)move parts of libraries.
> marko
> i checked again the pd-extended-0.39.3 release and i found [range] in
> extra/deprecated. you could put an [import deprecated] to your
> mainpatch, so that [range] can be instantiated.
> roman
> On Fri, 2008-01-18 at 10:50 +0100, Marko Timlin wrote:
>> hi hans,
>> well, in my case I installed Pd-0.39.3-extended and afterwards I
>> double clicked pd-settings, but oscx is not loaded by default.
>> any ideas why? could this be a bug?
>> has anybody else had the same problem on windows xp?
>> about [range]:
>> I used that object in a lot of patches, where it is often hidden
>> und used in several subpatches, so it would be a hell lot of a
>> work to find and replace it now in every patch by the [maxlib/
>> scale] object.
>> how could I avoid that procedure and use [range] like I used in it
>> Pd-0.39.2-extended-rc3?
>> thanks,
>> m.t.
>> oscx should be loaded by default in Pd-0.39.3-extended as long as you
>> have the default preferences that were installed by the installer.
>> Otherwise, you can add an [import oscx] to your patch, or prefix
>> those objects with "oscx/" like this:
>> [oscx/sendOSC]
>> [oscx/dumpOSC]
>> [range] is most likely the old link to maxlib scale, so you can
>> replace [range] with [maxlib/scale].
>> .hc
>> On Jan 17, 2008, at 8:03 AM, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
>>> Marko Timlin wrote:
>>>> Hi Iohannes, hi list members,
>>>> as I worked on that patch for more than half a year I wouldn't
>>>> like to change it now. It has a lot of subpatches etc.
>>> valid argument.
>>>> So how could I add the C:\Programme\pd\extra\oscx patch so that Pd
>>>> autoloads it every time? The PD Patch menu seems to be full.
>>> might be able to add it in one of the existing lines by using the
>>> colon:
>>> "/existing/path:/path/to/oscx"
>>> in Pd-extended you might also add it to the libraries.
>>> i am no expert in this fields (neither pd-extended nor xp), so you
>>> probably want to save your pdsettings (in the registry) before
>>> doing that.
>>>> And: How can I make sure that PD loads all the available patchs????
>>> i am sure that you don't want to do that.
>>> if you just want to check whether all the objects have been found
>>> correctly, you should have a look at the pdconsole output after
>>> loading
>>> and look out for "could not create" lines.
>>> fgmadsr
>>> IOhannes
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