[PD] manipulation of text files - grep - shell - coll

robcanning robcanning at eircom.net
Sat Jan 19 14:20:34 CET 2008

>> i have been using [shell] to echo "$1">>"write this text to a file" 
>> but i am finding it very slow (between 20-30ms) to write one line - i 
>> am quite happy working with this method but am finding it way too 
>> slow - an tricks on how to speed up the shell? - seems strange that 
>> is so slow.
> shell is fast, but it takes long to start it up.
> whenever you send a command, a new shell environment is created.
> for alternative solutions with running "outside" programs, i once 
> proposed a "server" that communicates with Pd via pdsend/receive on 
> this list.
> for appending lines to a file, you can use zexy's  [fwriteln].
> this doesn't solve your problem of grep/sed/awk though.
> gfma.dr
> IOhannes
this is useful - i can write the files with fwriteln - then use the 
shell to grep them - the speed was needed at the writing end more than 
the grepping end - so this has solved my problem for now though i do 
need to come up with a more elegant solution in the long run
rob c

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