[PD] [GEM-dev] typo in openGL sources

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Jan 21 18:39:48 CET 2008

chris clepper wrote:
> You probably have to give more than one number at the right inlet.  The 
> number of control points has to be equal or less to the 'order' value.  
> The parameters are very specific for setting memory accesses by the 
> driver and some drivers are not good at doing sanity checks.  This is 
> probably a very tricky object to get working using GL wrappers.

the problem was really on the pd-side of the object: the list-callback 
was expecting (void*, int argc, t_atom*argv) instead of (void*, 
t_symbol*s, int argc, t_atom*argv)
this makes a huge difference when receiving lists :-)

the really tricky objects in the GEM-wrapper are those that expect more 
complex data than just (small) arrays of floats. e.g. textures,...
nobody has taken care of them yet :-)
(i will eventually do so, when somebody comes up with: 
"[GEMglDrawPixels] crashes...")



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