[PD] pd-extended some objects missing

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Jan 22 09:26:22 CET 2008

Ctrl Alt Back wrote:
> I had previously installed older versions of pd and pd-extended.
> Still is not clear to me if pd-extended actualy uses some files from pd
> installation. 
> Installing of Pd-0.41.0-extended-20080121-debian-testing-i386.deb went
> very fast, so i suppose it re-uses packages from previous installation.

to my knowledge, this is not what the debian-package management does.
if you update a package, the old one will be removed and the new one 
will be installed (with some exceptions in /etc). it should take equally 

pd-extended _used_ to install in /usr/local and thus would not interfere 
with an existing puredata (debian package) installation which would go 
to /usr.
iirc, hans wanted to fix this (that is: install pd-extended into /usr), 
but i don't know whether he has already done so.

> It looks to me like a big mess i made, probably best to clean up
> everything and start all over ...
> On Mon, Jan 21, 2008 at 08:15:41PM +0100, Ctrl Alt Back wrote:
>>  pix_record
>>  ... couldn't create
>>  pix_multiblob 6
>>  ... couldn't create
>> (most of other objects from gem are ok)
> i found out i can create those while pd started as root

this most likely means that you are loading a different Gem version as 
ordinary user and as root.
run pd in verbose mode and see what it says when loading Gem (and/or the 
"missing" objects)

(since you hinted that you might have several versions of pd installed, 
it might be that root is using /usr/bin/pd your ordinary account is 
using /usr/local/bin/pd; this also effects the externals that might be 
found automatically; but this also depends on your path-settings)

>>  readdir
>>  ... couldn't create
> but not this one and others

  run "pd -verbose"
  run "pd -version" and "which pd" to see which pds the 2 accounts are 
actually using


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