[PD] phasor to square

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Jan 22 09:26:08 CET 2008

Andy Farnell hat gesagt: // Andy Farnell wrote:

> Actually, scrub that, PAF is more complex than AM, its also doing waveshaping
> using the windowing function.
> Here's an impulse + filter, side by side with PAF and with VOSIM 
> so you hear the difference. 
> Hear how the filter bank sounds nice but is rubbish and breaks when
> you move the frequency, PAF is smoother and thinner, VOSIM is richer
> and seems to move frequency the best.

There's also  the latest in that family: "phase-bashed packet
synthesis" by Miller. He has two papers on it on his site, an example
in the Pd docs, a little bit in his T&ToEM book and a very impressive
rendering of a Speech Song by Charles Dodge in the Pd Repertoire

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