[PD] Basic question about Mac Os X

marco trevisani marco at ccrma.stanford.edu
Wed Jan 23 16:21:10 CET 2008

After 13 years working with Linux i have now to deal with a Mac (for  
instance an iMac running 10.4.11 and pd 0.39-extended)
and all seems new....

the basic question then... while i wait for a USB card (btw any  
recommendation is very welcome) i was trying making
some test with PD patches but when i connect and use  the line-in  
built-in in the machine i have troubles getting any recognizable  
sound to the dac~.  It looks like the problem is with the adc~ since  
osc~ to dac~ produce the sound i would expect to hear.
I put to zero the built in microphone (is there any way to mute it  
completely??), and played with line in levels but nothing acceptable  
is coming out.

Just to clarify, the problem seems related directly with PD, because  
other applications that use line in they reproduce the sound at a  
decent quality.

Any hint would be greatly appreciated...Sorry for downgrading the  
level of the discussion on this list... :-)

Thank you,

	marco trevisani

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