[PD] another [declare -lib] strangeness

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Jan 23 16:58:38 CET 2008


originally i wanted to write the following feature-request:
using [declare] to load libraries (e.g. [declare -lib mylib]) works nicely.
however, when i have several abstractions all depending on the same 
library (and thus all have an instance of [declare -lib mylib]), i get 
an error "mylib: already loaded" for each abstraction depending on 
"mylib" but the first.
would it be possible to suppress this warning? (i don't see a reason to 
keep it)

i wrote a wee example to illustrate this behaviour, and while doing so i 
noticed a real weirdness:
when i save a patch holding an abstraction with a [declare -lib mylib], 
this parent patch will also have the "#X declare -lib mylib" line 
(without a direct representation in the patch)
what is even weirder is, that it gets an additional line for each 
abstraction containing a [declare].
e.g. if i have 4 instances of an abstraction in my patch, i will get 4 
additional declare-lines.
loading this patch, i will get 7 errors that "mylib: already loaded" (4 
warnings from the abstractions; 3 warnings from the patch; only the 1st 
declare-line in the patch gets evaluated properly)

is this by design?
or is it a "bug"? (i cannot see any harm right now, but it is a bit 

all this is happening with Pd-0.41-0test11 on linux.


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