[PD] colors ( exthread : pd-extended, version )

Martin Peach martin.peach at sympatico.ca
Wed Jan 23 21:43:02 CET 2008

Ctrl Alt Back wrote:
>i compiled one pd-extended on gentoo as well, following
>and found # color scheme section, was able to change canvas_fill,
>text_color .. etc, but there was no set canvas_fill "white" line.
>I tried to add that line but did not seem to do anything.
>There was couple of postings where pd users demanded pd with reversed
>colors, or at least darker background for using on stage and not getting
>blinded. I am wandering if enybody found easy way how to configure this?

The canvas backgound is outside of that section. It's in a proc called 
pdtk_canvas_new, near line 900 of pd.tk.
I have this at line 932 of the latest pd.tk from cvs:
   wm geometry $name $geometry
   canvas $name.c -width $width -height $height -background white \
        -yscrollcommand "$name.scrollvert set" \
        -xscrollcommand "$name.scrollhort set" \
        -scrollregion [concat 0 0 $width $height]
The line beginning "canvas" sets the attribute "background" to "white". If 
you change "white" to your favourite colour then your canvases will all be 
that colour. Unfortunately you can't set the colours of lines and boxes that 


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