[PD] need help for pd + arduino (ubuntu)

Martin Peach martin.peach at sympatico.ca
Wed Jan 23 22:01:21 CET 2008

Tim wrote:
>I had the exact same problems about a week ago, and ended up building
>my own Pd-extended. If you want to use the package, you should install
>it from a terminal using something like "dpkg -i --force-depends
>Pd-whatever.deb" which tells dpkg to ignore the libflac7 and
>libquicktime0 dependencies. By ignoring these dependencies, you will
>be breaking a few of the extensions, mainly PiDiP, perhaps others. But
>you will have a working [comport]. Also, synaptic will complain about
>a broken database or something when you force the dependencies, so
>you'll want to edit your /var/lib/dpkg/status file and actually remove
>"libflac7" and "libquicktime0" from the list where it says "Depends:".
>For me, libflac7 and libquicktime0 are the only dependencies I
>couldn't get in the repos, so if you see any other dependency errors
>when you run the dpkg command, get those packages from synaptic. Hope
>this helps...

I think I got those (flac7 and quicktime0) from debian and everything worked 
OK, at least pdip loads, but I never stress tested it.


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