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Ypatios Grigoriadis ypatios at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 13:44:53 CET 2008

On 26/01/2008, naysayer <gateswideopen at gmail.com> wrote:
> could someone tell me how i can turn off this paranoid setting in pd
> that asks me every time if i'm sure i want to close the patch window.
> it seems a little crazy that this happens regardless of whether i have
> saved the patch or not.

I find this one a very friendly and useful paranoia.

1) Think in a live situation, you want to close a sub patch but you
accidentally close the main patch.. DISASTROUS! :-)

2) I can't remember how many times I lost my work by accidentally closing
the main pd window at the pre-0.40 times (ok.. not so many times.. :-P but


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