[PD] live coding, [was: Re: paranoid pd]

Peter Plessas plessas at mur.at
Mon Jan 28 08:42:42 CET 2008

Hi Tim,

> I havent seen many examples yet around here though.
> Are many people doing this with pd ?

The pd-graz group has done a variant of live-coding in its 'blind date'
performances. There we take a teamwork approach, letting multiple
players edit the same patch at the same time on stage during
performance. In the past this was done using multiple mice and keyboards
connected to one machine, but we switched to IOhannes' 'multipd' which
uses a special proxy written in pd itself which interconnects itself
between the gui and dsp part of pd and contributes all events (mouse
clicks, object creation) amonst various clients.
For the live coding itself, we decide not to use too many abstractions,
since we require our patches to be readable by all players, and to make
the coding reproduceable to the audience. We definitely start from zero,
so the beginning of each concert is, well, silence.

The past performances of pd-graz were at Musikprotokoll Graz, Roxy/NoD
Praha, PdConvention2 Montreal.


glg, PP

> Is there an audience for it, or is it just pd-geeks who enjoy it? (not
> that th?t's not an audience ofcourse :) )
> Do you start from zero, or do you open an existing patch and start
> modifying that ?
> do you restrict yourself to 'basic' objects, or do you use alot of
> abstractions (so the audience doesn't really see things being built-up
> from zero)?
> Tim

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