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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Jan 29 23:28:26 CET 2008

Kyle Klipowicz hat gesagt: // Kyle Klipowicz wrote:

> Haha this conversation is hilarious! Thanks for keeping it so lively everyone.
> I may be suffering from Csound-itis. I want vline~ to basically act
> like the linseg Csound opcode:
> kr      linseg     ia, idur1, ib[, idur2, ic[...]]
> Where each segment is defined as points in time connected by a linear
> ramp. It seems easier to me mostly because it's the first programmable
> linear envelope generator that I was exposed to.
> Perhaps just making a [linseg~] abstraction out of vline~ using the
> previous suggestions on this thread would suffice.  

Basically all you need to do is add up all previous segment lengths to
get the delay for the next segment. Like attached (for a start). Note
that while in Csound, the duration comes before the target, the
attachement still has the duration after the target, in sync with
line~ and vline~.

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