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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Jan 30 21:43:43 CET 2008

Claude Heiland-Allen hat gesagt: // Claude Heiland-Allen wrote:

> Something like:
> -- called when "greaterthan" message is received at first inlet
> -- atoms is a table of the atoms in the message following the selector
> function M:in_1_greaterthan(atoms)
>    local name = atoms[1]   -- could be: "score"
>    local value = atoms[2]  -- could be: 3
>    if name ~= nil and value ~= nil then -- could check types too..
>      -- do your stuff here
>    end
> end
> If you have a range of possible selectors, and don't want to have to 
> write a method for all of them, you can use:
> function M:in_1(selector, atoms) ... end
> Then selector will be "greaterthan" (or whatever) and atoms will be as 
> above.

One thing I wanted to ask here: Is there a special reason that pdlua
isn't using the (new in 5.1) vararg syntax with "..." for methods and
maybe also in outlet(...) or similar places? Then it would be possible
to just do self:outlet(outnum, sel, a, b, c) instead of having to pack it
first like self:outlet(outnum, sel, {a,b,c}). And for things like
bang-output, it could be even simpler: self:outlet(outnum, "bang")
instead of: self:outlet(outnum, "bang", {}) 

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