[PD] this is crazy

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Jan 31 17:24:40 CET 2008

Andy Farnell wrote:
> I noticed something similar on 0.40 (pure:dyne)
> Something to do with DACs. I had a patch where the [dac~]
> I was adding or deleteing didn't have any correspondence to
> the signal it was (supposed to be) outputting.

i don't think it is related to [dac~].

take attached abstraction and put it into your searchpath.

create a new patch and turn audio on.

add an instance of [randosc~ a]: a value is printed to the console.
add another instance of [randosc~ b]: the [env~] in [randosc~ a] starts 
to work and prints to the console; the [env~] in [randosc~ b] does not work.

or another example (empty your patch):
add an instance of [randosc~ a]: a value is printed to the console.
add a [dac~]; the [env~] is still not working
connect the [randosc~ a] to [dac~]: you will hear a sine and the [env~] 
within [randosc~ a] gets evaluated and printed to the console.

when adding a new abstraction (that is not connected yet to any other 
object in the patch!), the dsp-tree gets re-evaluated _but_ the newly 
added object is not part of it!
forcing the dsp-tree to re-evaluate (e.g. by turning audio off&on; or 
adding another object; or connecting to ~-objects) adds the abstraction 
to the dsp-tree and it starts working...

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