[PD] [OT] FOSS audio tools

Georg Holzmann grh at mur.at
Sun Feb 3 13:04:02 CET 2008


> - jamin is cool and powerful software too, but it follows the wrong
> strategy: you can only use it in real-time, since it is a jack-plugin.
> having to render in realtime is a pain and dangerous in many situations

Yeah that's true - would be nice to do that offline ...
But this is also how it works in studios, you have your 
mastering-hardware and bounce it in rt (I am not such a studio expert, 
but at least in the studios I was it was done like this).
However, this should be no excuse ...

> (all drop-outs are in the resulting file). OTOH, LADSPA plugins don't
> support customized guis, AFAIK, therefor there is no option to do
> something like jamin as a LADSPA plugin. IMHO, most LADSPA plugins might
> be good scientific applications, but definitely not for everyday studio
> work (no visual feedback, strange scales of parameters).

Yes, that's the second problem.
It took me quite some time to find some good sounding plugins (and some 
I had to fix) - but they exist.
Better visual feedback would be great too - maybe the upcoming LV2 can 
solve this ...

Okay, that's maybe a little bit OT now ;)

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