"jörg brinkmann" dadonck at gmx.de
Thu Feb 7 03:50:38 CET 2008


i really twist my mind over this for a longer time... i tried many different buildups but nothing worked so far :(

this is what i did:
i built a very simple patch of a selfcontrolled feedback in pd

the things i use:
-macbook pro
-2 piezos (mics) soldered on a cables with jacks

a piezo:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjFLG5Sg … re=related

so i attached the 2 piezos on the metalplate, plug one jack in the line in, one in the line out and start the patch.

theres one piezo used as a mic and one as a loudspeaker (together with the object) both are attached on the same metalplate.

the circle is closed... there is a feedbackloop that goes through the object and through my computer.

when i talk or make other noises i can feed the feedbackloop...

the pd patch controls the feedback so it wouldnt grow to much, the aim is to get slightly larsen tones:


....this works really fine with my macbook pro because of its build in headamplifier (i think).

i really can hear my voice and all the high frequented noise i make (the piezos have got a spectrum of 2900 ± 500 Hz)

now i want to plug more of these together. for this i use a m-audio 1814.
but i just hear a feedback, no voice or noises. sounds like they were cutted out.

i tried:
-the mic preamp
-the headphoneamp (it has got 2)
-an external booster
-different buffersizes with jackpilot
-different delays


whats so special about the macbook preamp ? or is m-audio just lame ?

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