[PD] Comments on pd as a library to be used in game

Pablo Martin caedes at sindominio.net
Mon Feb 11 12:17:26 CET 2008


Blender foundation together with crystalspace community just started
making a kickass game http://apricot.blender.org.

We are thinking about using puredata to handle the music system (and
maybe also some more cool stuff), but I think it'd be important to be
able to have puredata as a library to link and control it easier from
the game (instead of running a separate process and handling all
communication with osc socket). I think there was some work in progress
in this direction with desiredata but i cant be so sure... can anybody
confirm on the status of this or if its feasible at all? My general idea
on the subject is we should be able to run pd as a game engine plugin
(instead of our own sound system for example), and handle opening the
different patches for different stuff, as well of communicating with
each of them.

Another thing, i'd like to hear from people who have used pd in games to
know exactly what you did with it.

I am one of main devs for the project, and i have great puredata
experience, so i think it'd be very interesting to work on this, still,
we are very time pressed so integrating pd should not pose too much
runtime or distribution basic problems, specially the lib thing
distresses me (and handling of patches from there). Just so everyone
knows, we do have osc receiver in the game engine, so we could basically
plug pd stuff to anywhere from object positions to shader variables to
do funky stuff, sending osc messages to pd as part of logic also is not
a problem.



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