[PD] [key] vs symbolatom [Was: Re: Letter -> Number]

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Feb 13 23:12:45 CET 2008

David F. Place hat gesagt: // David F. Place wrote:

> I use [key] to implement simple controls for my program.  I also use  
> symbolatom to accept alphanumeric input.  These two uses often clash  
> however.  If I want to enter a string that contains one of my command  
> letters the command is triggered.  I would prefer that keystrokes are  
> not sent to [key] when a symbolatom is selected for input.  Does  
> anyone agree?

Workaround: You could use a key, that is seldom used (e.g. F-keys) to
disable and enable your key commands.

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