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saint saintidle at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 14 19:26:07 CET 2008

hi martin/all,

sorry for buggin you about this again, but unfortunately i can't use your (or any) midi external
for my purpose if i can't get this to work.

the problem i'm having with midifile is this: i can't get midifile to read a .mid file that's in the 
same folder as the pd patch by referring to it by it's short name only
i.e. without the full path c:/progra~1/etc/etc (which does work btw, thanks)

is there anyway to get this...

[read test.mid(

...to work?!

(where the midi file and pd patch are in the same folder of course)

basically i need to copy multiple instances of the patch and run it from lots of different folders
each referring to different midi files

again thanks a million in advance you've been more than helpful so far!

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The latest versions are part of pd-extended in 
http://autobuild.puredata.info/auto-build/ but the last functional WinXp 
version is in late 2007. The spaces in path names cause trouble throughout 
pd and other "cross-platform" programs, the only workaround I know of is to 
rename your directories without spaces. I usually use underscores instead. 
"Program Files" always causes trouble. Sometimes you can access it using 
something like C:\PROGRA~1 (the short DOS name)
This works on my system:

[read C:/PROGRA~1/pd/doc/5.reference/textfile.txt(


[read $1(

does not work.


>From: saint <saintidle at yahoo.com>
>To: pd-list at iem.at
>Subject: Re: [PD] Phasor Driven Midi File Playback?
>Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 11:39:53 -0800 (PST)
>hmmm. i did try that but it seems to stumble at the first space in the full 
>path (as pure data does)
>unfortunately the patch will need to be ported around when it's done so 
>specifying a full path won't fulfill my needs.
>is there a .dll of the midifile external for w32 knocking around for which 
>this read message works for shortened paths?
>again, thanks all of you for your time!
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>Subject: Re: [PD] Phasor Driven Midi File Playback?
>I think what is happening is that [midifile] is expecting a full path for 
>the file name when using read. This is why it works for the [openpanel] 
>because it returns a complete path. Did you try using the full path with 
>[read $1(?
>On Feb 12, 2008 12:33 PM, saint <saintidle at yahoo.com> wrote:
>thanks for the quick reply again martin,
>it's a strange problem that i seem to be having.
>because i definitely have all the midifiles in the same folder as the patch 
>[midifile test.mid]
>[read test.mid(---[midifile]
>gives... 'error: midifile: unable to open test.mid'
>but when i do
>[bang]---[openpanel]---[read $1(---[midifile]
>and point it to 'test.mid' it seems to work?
>unfortunately for what i want to do i need to be able to automate opening 
>different midifiles.
>i'm using your zip from 

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