[PD] Pd sounds better than Max?

marius schebella marius.schebella at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 03:02:00 CET 2008

what I experience sometimes when I do very basic stuff like using 
phasors, is that I hear weird comb filtering of my environment after I 
put down my headphones. similar as if you look into bright light and 
then close the eyes, and you still see a review-image.
regarding the difference between pd and max: are you talking about the 
music that people produce or are you talking about the digital signal 

Damian Stewart wrote:
> hey,
> i was talking to a Portuguese musician tonight (Miguel Cardoso is his name) 
> and he was saying that he thought that Pd sounded much better than Max - a 
> fuller sound with the oscillators, he said.
> i hadn't really thought about this before, but i do know that to my ears my 
> Pd patches sound a lot richer than most Max/MSP stuff that I've heard - not 
> sure whether that's my source material or patches or whether it's at a 
> deeper architectural level than that.
> anyone have any evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, to confirm this? reasons 
> why this might be the case?

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