[PD] Cannot filter list by content on time

Douglas Rouxel douglas_rouxel at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Apr 2 00:17:22 CEST 2008

Hi All,

I'm very sorry, this has almost certainly been brought up more than  
once, and I'm very bad at this, I've been playing around with Pd for  
a while just for non-critical applications like making fun little  
noise machines and stuff, but I though I'd give a serious project a  
go, and I have - but it's not going well...I'm trying to filter some  
sysexdata, and I'm trying to keep my patch to only the standard  
modules, although if there is one which will do this straight up then  
I'll probably happily take it!

So the input I'm getting in goes along the lines of: 240 2 0 0  
0...247, I've managed to package up all the incoming stream of data  
from the Sysex in (on OS X) so that bit is fine - I'm trying to  
filter the information based on some of the content - specifically  
the third item in the list (and then later the 5th item, but the  
problem and process is the same.)

In the example, each of the messages at the top represents some  
incoming data The message 240 2 0 0 0 247 should print to trk1 on the  
console, if you press the message twice, it does what it should,  
however if you press on 240 2 7 0 0 247 then it should output the  
same to the console under trk8 - but it doesn't first time out it  
prints it to trk1, then after that it goes to trk8.

I'm sure this is a simple thing and I'm just doing this plain wrong,  
can someone perhaps give me a few pointers and let me know where I'm  
going wrong!

Thanks in advance!


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