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matteo sisti sette matteosistisette at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 14:00:15 CEST 2008


I have a project that I made with an old version of GEM under Windows,
namely a 0.90 compiled on August 3 2004 (a precompiled binary I downloaded
from iem.at or somewhere).

At that time, I had many difficulties in finding a version that wouldn't
crash AND that supported dv-pal; however I did find it and the project has
always worked fine.

In this project I used dv-pal-encoded AVI files and I'm not sure whether
that version of GEM uses Quicktime or Directshow to open them, but I think
directshow (apparently supports both).

Currently, for other projects, I usually use a more recent and stable
version of GEM (still not the latest), but I had some troubles trying to
upgrade this project to the new version; so, since it just works fine, I
always run it with its own dedicated version of GEM, that of 2004.

I have run it in a few machines without problems, but now I have copied it
into another machine and it crashes.
The funny thing is that the module that crashes is mcdvd_32.dll that is
found in windows/system32, but on the machine where gem does not crash I
don't even have that dll anywhere!!!!

The pd executable and gem.dll running in the 2 machines are the same: the
whole "pd" folder is the same on the two machines. Obviously the patches are
the same, and also the video files. There should be apparently no difference
in what I am running. Both machines have Quicktime and DirectShow installed.

The info GEM prints out at startup is the same on both machines:

 GEM: ver: 0.90
 GEM: compiled: Aug  3 2004
 pix_film: avi support
 pix_film: quicktime support

In the machine that works, for every video file it loads, it prints the
  new movie might crash... ...survived

While in the machine that crashes, it DOESN't print those messages!!
It crashes when I create the gemwin (NOT when loading files).

So what is mcdvd_32.dll?
Why is gem using this dll, if the same gem on another machine is not using
it (it isn't even present in that machine)?
How can I force him not to use it?

Is it possible that for some reason the working one is using DirectShow
while the crashing one is using QuickTime?
Or viceversa? Why?

If I try to upgrade to the version of GEM that I usually use, the problem is
that dv-pal avi's are rendered at 1/4 resolution, and I don't know how to
tell quicktime to render them at full quality. I usually use mov's, so that
I can put the "high quality" flag into them with QuickTime Pro; but there's
no such flag in avi files, and I'd like to avoid converting all files to
mov, it would take ages!!!!!

Matteo Sisti Sette
matteosistisette at gmail.com
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