[PD] gemhead render argument

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Apr 3 15:39:24 CEST 2008

altern wrote:
> hi
> While in windows all is rendered fine, linux does not like it the
> rectangle was rendered but the webcam image wasnt. The only way to get
> it to work was to put some render argument of the rectangle like 2. So I
> decided to set that value to $0 on loadbang, this should give different
> numbers to each instance of the abstractions. (Note that i dont have a
> clue if this is bad idea). Both the camera image and the rectagle are
> included in abstractions.

i would say that this is generally a rather bad idea. you are 
deliberately randomizing the render-order.

why don't you just manually specify the rendering order the way it 
should be?
if the rectangle is to be drawn on top of the textured geo, you would 
want to render it later, thus it should have a higher number than the 
white rectangle.

> The result was kind of ok, now linux was more happy with it but still
> sometimes the webcam image goes off again. This happens for example when
> I move the gem window or after ~10 to ~20 secs. Also if i open a PD
> subpatch.

for me this seems to be a problem with the driver (texture memory).
which gfx-care do you use? which driver?

> I guess this must be some problem with having two gemheads but i am not

i don't think so.

> sure why this problem is not happening at all under windows, so it looks
> like a linux issue. Anything i can do to avoid this problem?

is this the same computer (same hardware) running both w32 and linux?
which (exact) versions of Gem are you using?

what do you mean by "the image goes off"? does the geo you render it 
onto goes black? white? green? invisible?

does the camera work stable on linux? with Gem? (for long-term?) is 
anything printed to either the pd-console or the terminal-console? 
(watch both - a lot of messages in the capture code are not written to 
the pd-console!)


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