[PD] extended sql and py

Joseph Barrows jjbarrows at artwww.net
Thu Apr 10 06:33:47 CEST 2008

hi puredata'ers,
i want to use SQL access, and am confused as to how it get it to work, can
someone explain what i need to do?  it doesnt appear to be in the extended
build (just installed auto build for 10 april)
using ubuntu on an intel processor
am happy to download and compile source if needed, i just lose track of
where everything is supposed to go (and need many of the other bits of
extended and dont want to compile everything from source, though i spose i
could, ahh linux!)

also, py is listed in the extended help, but the examples dont work (the py
object is in a dotted line "can not create object" box)


Joseph Barrows
live video performance; web site design; new media artist
jjbarrows at artwww.net
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