[PD] Ambisonics for Immersive Environment

j milo taylor milo at suborg.net
Thu Apr 10 12:06:36 CEST 2008


I am bit of a newbie and I'm intending to development an immersive 
audio-visual environment based on a mysql / xml database of sound 
artists. I would like to explore PD as the means of presenting data in a 
spatialised installation context, and ambisonics would add a lot to the 

The options available in PD are, as I understand

IEM bin_ambi <http://iem.at/Members/noisternig/bin_ambi>
CUBEmixer <http://puredata.info/Members/ritsch/News/cubemixer>
Ambilib <http://music.york.ac.uk/mrc/download.php>
ambipan~, ambicube~ and vbapan~ 

Does anyone have any recommedations for this? My app is, at present 
based in X3D, and the position of sound sources are expressed as, for 

position='-3.20022 -.78022 17.05038',

how complex would it be to send this spatialisation data to PD, and use 
to PD as the audio engine for app for further real-time manipulation?

best regards

p.s. at present i'm on a xp box.

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