[PD] Ambisonics for Immersive Environment

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Thu Apr 10 12:58:01 CEST 2008

Hi Milo,

The IEM's ambisonics approach (binaural or with loudspeakers) is very  
consistent and from my point of view very well programmed (as the  
programming involved Thomas, Iohannes, Winfried ....)

The CUBEMixer is a very nice GUI combining sub-busses, direct routing,  
ambisonics (for headphones and speakers), room-simulation, etc., and  
allows you to work like on a conventional mixing desk.

We've been applying the libraries mentioned above to many artistic and  
scientific projects over the last view years. I really can recommend  
to using them, as they are pretty stable. The communication with your  
applications might be easily implemented using OSC.

Unfortunately I don't know the libraries you mentioned (Amblib,  
ambipan, etc.) very well. So please check for other recommendations  
too :)



Quoting j milo taylor <milo at suborg.net>:

> Hi,
> I am bit of a newbie and I'm intending to development an immersive
> audio-visual environment based on a mysql / xml database of sound
> artists. I would like to explore PD as the means of presenting data in a
> spatialised installation context, and ambisonics would add a lot to the
> experience.
> The options available in PD are, as I understand
> IEM bin_ambi <http://iem.at/Members/noisternig/bin_ambi>
> CUBEmixer <http://puredata.info/Members/ritsch/News/cubemixer>
> Ambilib <http://music.york.ac.uk/mrc/download.php>
> ambipan~, ambicube~ and vbapan~
> <http://cicm.mshparisnord.org/dl/ambipan.htm>
> Does anyone have any recommedations for this? My app is, at present
> based in X3D, and the position of sound sources are expressed as, for
> example
> position='-3.20022 -.78022 17.05038',
> how complex would it be to send this spatialisation data to PD, and use
> to PD as the audio engine for app for further real-time manipulation?
> best regards
> milo
> p.s. at present i'm on a xp box.
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