[PD] memento, rrradical, sssad?

raul diaz raul.lete at gmail.com
Fri Apr 11 00:04:18 CEST 2008

Hi Frank, list!

I'm getting into memento because I'm trying to implemet a state saving
utility for my tr-909 emulation patch.
I've taken a look to your RRadical Pd tutorial and I have use your examples
from Pd extended help.
But looking at Polywavesynth patch by Phil Stone, I've taken a look to his
state saving stuffs based on sssad, and that looks pretty much easy and
suitable for my purpose.

So, now I'm a little bit confuse with so many libraries. I would like to
know what's the purpose of each of this libraries (memento, rrradical,
sssad), its applications, advantages, and inconvenients, and which of this
is better for my purpose.

Another question is about OSC libraries. I've used oscx succesfully but I've
seen Polywavesynth used Mr Peach OSC objects (which seems pretty usefull).
What's the difference between both?

My head is full of apparently-same-purpose libraries!!!


Raul Diaz Poblete
raul.lete at gmail.com
Barcelona [Spain]
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