[PD] [GEM-dev] new w32 binary!

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Fri Apr 11 16:24:12 CEST 2008

On Apr 11, 2008, at 2:20 AM, IOhannes m zmölnig wrote:
> Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>> Shall we try to switch the Gem build to MinGW?  Then we'll have
>> automated builds, and you'll be able to make Gem Windows binaries by
>> cross-compiling on GNU/Linux.
>> .hc
> if you feel up to it.
> i currently don't really want to spend time in getting code compile
> against DirectX with mingw. (for Gem you also have to compile parts of
> the DirectShow examples)

There are already a lot of DirectX headers in MinGW, you might not  
need the DirectX SDK at all.  I didn't need the Windows DDK for the  
HID stuff, all of the headers I needed are included in MinGW.  These  
look all relevant:


> i also would not like to have a stripped down version of Gem (without
> DirectX and QuickTime) compiled and widely distributed.
> and you would have to change your policy of importing code to
> repositories, as i don't think importing DirectX-SDK (some versions of
> which you can only download from a "genuine windows machine" (or  
> however
> they call it)) and Quicktime-SDK (for which you currently need an  
> apple
> user-account to download) would be a good idea.

These would have to be installed on the build machine.  We couldn't  
include them in the SVN.  Just like the Apple builds require XCode.   
I am guessing it would only be the Quicktime SDK that we'd need to  


> nevertheless it would be cool if you could include the new binary into
> the next pd-extended release.
> fgnasd
> IOhannes


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