[PD] spaces in search path of batch file

Hans Roels hans.roels at versateladsl.be
Fri Apr 11 18:43:13 CEST 2008


If I fill in a name with spaces like  C:/Program Files/pd/patch/own 
in the search path in the File > Path menu of PD, this works well. If 
I use the same name in a batch file (-path  C:/Program 
Files/pd/patch/own) this doesn't work and after trying this, I can 
only see C:/Program in File > Path menu of PD. I guess the spaces are 
the problem. It seems that the old 'spaces' bug in the menu search 
path has been solved but not in batch files? Is this still a bug or 
am I making a mistake somewhere?
I don't want to use the relative path name, I know how that works.
I tested this in PD vanilla 0.40.2 and 0.41.2 (windows xp)

Hans r

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