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> I don't know how I could translate the objects correctly without gemheads
> or separators, maybe storing the current XYZlocation and subtracting it from
> the relative position? would that be faster than to use pushmatrix
> popmatrix?

For something like a grid this is not difficult to do, but for less uniform
structures it would be a pain.

Pushing and popping the matrix is not expensive done sparingly, but it does
accumulate.  Once the geometry count gets high you will need all the time
you can get.

> the geometry I was using so far was simple, but objects could still be
> faster I guess. are you talking about display lists like VOBs or FBOs? I
> have to read more about that and how gem makes use of it.

A display list is the geometry compiled and sent to the card once and then
called from storage on the GPU for drawing.  The model object uses display
lists to help handle large numbers of triangles found in most models.

VBO is a vertex buffer object which can be quite fast if you need to modify
geometry on the CPU side and submit it to the GPU each frame.

FBO is a way to render offscreen to use rasterized geometry as a texture in
another framebuffer (usually the one drawn to screen).  FBOs will probably
not help you here.

> write as write in c++? or write as write in luagl?
C++ - Jamie did a lot of this for his personal use.

I have not used luagl, but I suspect it will not be comparable to C in

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