[PD] getting started with CUBEmixer

Rob Canning robcanning at eircom.net
Fri Apr 11 19:31:02 CEST 2008

zmoelnig at iem.at wrote:
> Quoting Rob Canning <robcanning at eircom.net>:
>> /me feel stupid
>> ok - i'll go back to square one...sorry
>> i think i might have got the windows version now that i think about it
>> - i downloaded the only think i could see at
>> http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=132916&package_id=181748 
>> i'll do a proper svn checkout this time
>> sorry for noise
> no problem, sorry for the bad documentation on how to actually install 
> it...
np, thanks - as soon as i get it working i will be very very grateful 
for it :)
the script from svn seems to work..it starts 2 instances of pd and the 
DSP main engine patch but..

i have had to add a load of -paths and -libs in my pdrc to help it find 
stuff it needs - the only thing i cant seem to find anywhere are:

mux, mux~ and demux

i get a huge amounts of:
 mux~ . .
... couldn't create
... couldn't create

errors and the GUI fails to start

where do i find these ?


rob c

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