[PD] debian etch vs lenny (was Re: PdExtended autobuild)

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Apr 14 13:58:41 CEST 2008

Olivier Heinry wrote:
> Yep, I didnt provide anything since I noticed these logs are as easy to find.
> good to know.

aye, your approach does make sense if you were not aware of the 
automatic mails on fail.
(sorry if i was too harsh)

>> personally i would rather not revert to etch (who works with multimedia
>> and can live with a debian/stable anyhow :-)?)
> Well it's hard to live with a debian/unstable in aproduction environment, I tell you! 
> I reverted to etch since I hoped to have the best of both worlds: stable AND multimedia! (which obviously isnt the case!)

right, sometimes it is really hard to decide which one to use.

still i think that running plain "etch" will not get you far, if you 
want to try things out (in multimedia).
if you have a small set of applications (e.g. ardour, a certain 
Pd-patch) you have to run really stable  then you might be fine with etch.

but for trying things out (e.g. seeing whether i bug has been fixed in 
the current Gem CVS version), i would not recommend stable as the 
platform of choice.

things are not so bad, if you are not on stable/vanilla but can add the 
debian-multimedia repositories; but these are obviously missing from the 
autobuild machines (for legal reasons).

of course "unstable" is usually just that: unstable.
but luckily there are things inbetween: testing (lenny)
but i have to admit that usually i run lenny+sid mixtures, as some 
packages (the ones i need), tend to hang in sid forever.

finally: kernel-2.6.24 really makes a difference in latency, i can 
recommend it; however, getting your nvidia-card to run decently with 
etch or lenny and this kernel is nearly impossible :-(


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