[PD] pd extended build environment

Joseph Barrows jjbarrows at artwww.net
Thu Apr 17 06:26:10 CEST 2008

i am having trouble with GEM, it only reads .MOV and only some of those (has
to be motion jpeg, but still not all of them open)
apparently GEM video support is defined at compile time, so i was wondering
what libraries are used in the sourceforge build environment.

i'm currently using pd extended 41.4 built early april
but I was having the same problem with the previous stable release (39.xx)

running Ubuntu 7.10 constantly updated (which may be part of the problem,
when i first installed ubuntu and PD GEM could read a wider variety of
video, so i was carefull NOT to use the auto update feature, untill
accidently clicking it when tired one night, since then only a few mjpeg
.mov's will load)


Joseph Barrows
live video performance; web site design; new media artist
jjbarrows at artwww.net
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