[PD] pd extended build environment

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Fri Apr 18 12:01:08 CEST 2008

Joseph Barrows wrote:
> thanks IOhannes,
> i'm trying to avoid needing to build it myself,  've been using pd/gem
> for a few years, started with the planet ccrma system, after having
> broken my linux system several times and having to re-install i decided
> to try ubuntu and stick with a policy of install stable version (when
> will pd hit version 1.0?)

i don't think that there are any plans to move to 1.0 ever.
(but of course i really don't know; i am not making the version numbers)

>        use ffmpeg           : no (forced)
> hmm, maybe i should compile it myself then

probably not. ffmpeg support in Gem is not something i would consider
stable. (the API is changing so fast...)

>     "mpeg" and "mpeg-3" are just able to decode mpeg-file, which you
>     don't seem to care about right now.
> onl;y because i need the number of frames, and pixmovie always seems to
> return "0" for mpeg files (i have build a video player that fades
> between clips, and so it needs to know when a clip is about to end)

i see, does it help if you create a table-of-contents first?
iirc, there is a tool mpeg3toc which will create TOC from an mpeg-file
which can then be fed into [pix_film] to allow frame accurate accessing
of mpeg-files (and probably the exact number of frames in the file).

otoh, it seems that this has stopped working some time ago...

probably you should just check.

>     the funnier parts are quicktime and aviplay; these APIs both support
>     a number of codecs depending on how they were compiled and/or which
>     codecs they find on your harddisk.
> even funnier is that my linux machine now plays more in PD than it does
> in VLC, something has gone wrong again ...

hmm, i would rather say that this is cool.
watchout, one day Pd/Gem will be the most universal movie-player ever.

> gem still causes PD to
> completely die when given a video file it doesn't like.

which is not fine.
i suspect that it is libmpeg1 (if it is really used; check out which
APIs are really supported when creating the first [pix_film]) - this
library is highly unstable; it's only in the code in case libmpeg3 is
missing and you still want to decode mpeg-files.



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