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Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Sun Apr 20 03:13:53 CEST 2008

On Apr 18, 2008, at 11:48 PM, Joseph Barrows wrote:

> >        use ffmpeg           : no (forced)
> > hmm, maybe i should compile it myself then
> probably not. ffmpeg support in Gem is not something i would consider
> stable. (the API is changing so fast...)
> i'll leave it out - stability is even more important than reading  
> wide range of video formats (i can transcode video, having PD  
> vanish in the middle of a performance is very bad form - happened 4  
> times last night)  my system reports the standard
>   pix_film:: quicktime support
>  pix_film:: libmpeg3 support
>  pix_film:: libaviplay support
> though i think i do want ffmpeg (i think someone mentioned it would  
> enable support for .flv files)

What might be more useful would be a nice document about how to  
transcode files using VLC, and which formats work best for Gem.  Most  
codecs take a lot of CPU power to decode, so for realtime video work,  
it's best to use low CPU codecs, like MJPEG.


>  see, does it help if you create a table-of-contents first?
> iirc, there is a tool mpeg3toc which will create TOC from an mpeg-file
> which can then be fed into [pix_film] to allow frame accurate  
> accessing
> of mpeg-files (and probably the exact number of frames in the file).
> otoh, it seems that this has stopped working some time ago...
> probably you should just check.
> i seem to remember using the TOC when i first started using gem,  
> but yes, it did stop working and i havent checked for some time.
> > gem still causes PD to
> > completely die when given a video file it doesn't like.
> which is not fine.
> i suspect that it is libmpeg1 (if it is really used; check out which
> APIs are really supported when creating the first [pix_film]) - this
> library is highly unstable; it's only in the code in case libmpeg3 is
> missing and you still want to decode mpeg-files.
> thanks, i'll try removing mpeg (guess i'll have to compile my own,  
> oh well,  since i'm going to do that any ideas how i would go about  
> making Gem use opengl 1.5 instead of 2 (which i think it does now),  
> i want to  use it with  chromium, which insists on opengl 1.5
> the crashing is more random than i thought (sometimes happens with  
> video files that worked a few minutes earlier)
> (some of the crashes were due to one of my subpatches, that i  
> removed last night, but i think that was the part causing the GUI  
> lockups - it was giving a lot of "stack overflow" messages)
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