[PD] Query Pd internal variables from a patch

Peter Plessas plessas at mur.at
Tue Apr 22 22:37:46 CEST 2008

Hi Andy,

things you might already know, but never the less:

[receive pd dsp]
will give you the status of the dsp engine (0/1)


when banged outputs the current samplerate.

but getting the number of channels and the device number might be harder 

regards, Peter

Andy Farnell wrote:
> An interesting question on the forum has me scratching my head here,
> perhaps someone knows this?
> "What's the best method to access to soundcard info and number of channels
> from a PD patch? I try to explain... I'm comunicating PD patch with Flash using
> OSC. How can I retry soundcard type, info, and number of channels from the PD 
> patch and send to Flash app? Thanks a lot in advance."
> So, is there a message that can be used to query the state of the audio
> engine and return stuff like sample rate, channels?
> a.

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